The angel of one BABY 


Once upon a time there was one BABY that was preparing to come to this world. And one day the BABY asked God: – Dear God, I was told that you will send me the world tomorrow, but I am so small and helpless. How will I live there?

- I had chosen an angel for you, he will be waiting you there and he will protect you. He will sing to you every day and he will make you laugh. You will experience the love and yo will be happy.

- But how is it possible for me to understand him, when I don’t know his language?

- This angel talks the most beautiful language, the words are closely chosen  in order for the same to become a star in the world that will protect you and to teach you how to walk and how to talk.

- But dear God, what will I do when I would wish to talk to you?

-Your angel will teach you how to pray.

- I heard that there are many mean people on the earth. Who will protect me from them?

- Your angel will always protect you, he would even give up his life for you.

And there was silence in the paradise. The child understood that it must come to this world, and he posed the last question.

- Master, if I have to go to the world, can you please tell me how my angel is called? What is his name?

- It is not important how this angel is called, you will call him MOTHER.

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