Does dream interpretation can cause health problems, stress…
In case you dream getting a Common raven (Corvus corax), be aware that it is a symbol of getting a deserved regimen –if the dreamer has dignity to get the regimen, of course, and if he’s not this is a sign of talking the truth which is not being accepted by the speaker. Some crooks are going to meet you on a journey in case you dream a raven has thrown at you.

The black-and-white raven is a symbol of some insidious, gaudy and arrogant man. Sometimes the raven might be a symbol of sinner and a liar. You’ll get a forbidden property thanks to your sinning and arrogance in case dreaming catching a raven. A sign of falsehood and deception is if dreaming that you got a raven or that you keep a raven.

On the other hand, if dreaming that you have a lot of caught ravens, you’ll grab some forbidden prey. You’ll get into trouble that you’ll resolve after a while in case you dream talking to a raven.

You’ll get the property from crooks in case dreaming that you eat raven meat. You’ll do some bad deed for which you’ll repent or you’re going to kill your own brother in case you dream a raven standing at the monarch’s gates-and you’ll ask for an absolution from God. In case you dream that raven has scratched you with the claws, you’ll be destroyed by fierce wintry or some liars are going to denigrate you and cause you pain and suffering. There are cases when the raven is a symbol of long life.

If you dream that a raven hit the hat with the beak and the hat then falls down, but then you came down, took the hat and put it on the head again, be prepared. Some member of your family is going to rise against you intending to take over the authority from you, but with no success –you’ll end up as a winner at the end.

In other cases if you dream a raven has landed over the holiest place in the Muslim religion Kaba in Mecca (the heart of the Islam), this is a sign some sinner is going to marry an upright, honest and reputable woman.

It is not nice to dream a raven on certain specified place. For ex, if you dream a raven in your home, be careful: your wife is cheating on you with some other man, or the second meaning is that some of the ruler’s people are going to attack your home.