Does dreaming of fox can cause fear? 

A Fox is a symbol of sly/ tricky and treacherous man, a huge fraud.
In case you dream a fox tries to outwit you, you’ll try to outwit your opponent.
You’ll have a dispute with some close relative in case you dream fighting against fox.

In case you dream searching for a fox-your wife will cause you some pain, and in case the fox is searching for you-you’ll experience some horror.

In case you dream getting a fox, be prepared to get woman whom you’ll love slightly.

In case you dream drinking fox’s milk, you’ll recover on case you’re sick, and if you’re not ill, you’ll resolve all the worries.

Many people believe that if you dream a fox, you’ll be humiliated and you’ll suffer a material loss.  But there are some of us who believe that the fox might be a symbol of an astrologer or a doctor. Some people believe that in case someone dreams touching a fox, he/ she is going to experience horror from an evil.

Eating a fox’s meat is a symbol of quickly curable disease.
Catching a fox is a symbol of getting victory over the opponent or a rival in some dispute. In case you dream playing with fox, you’ll get lucky: you’ll marry woman who you’ll love and she’ll love you, too.

In case you dream trying to outwit a fox, this is a sign you’re person who lies. On the other hand, in case you dream rewarding a fox with the best prize, this is once again a symbol of person who lies since the fox is not someone who should be rewarded.

In case some person on high and respected position dream a lot of foxes, and that person is watching/ guarding them, be prepared for a bunch of magic and illusions in the country you live in.