Advice in Case of Cancer

The biggest experts in the field of scientific or folk researches have come to certain findings that can help patients who are ill of any type of cancer. Therefore, they can recommend them the following things to do in the curing process:

-These patients mustn’t smoke

-They must pay attention to making many physical activities (of course, here it refers to the patients that can allow this, those who are in the position for doing physical activities)

-Putting the healthy food in the first place, full of natural vitamins and minerals

-Breathing the fresh air, deep and strong

-Getting distant from the smoky, contaminated and used-up air

-A lot of moving on fresh air

-Avoid any exaggerating in the food

-Giving up of the white flour, white sugar and any product made of them

-Avoiding meat and especially the meat products and the fabric’s made food

-Paying attention of the regular digestion and avoiding digestive problems.

But it is an individual choice whether he/ she would consult a doctor or do something on its own, considering that he/she acts for its own good. The thing which is very important is the fact that the therapy procedure mustn’t apply right after the operation is done. The minimum 1 month-time period is the best thing to do when starting the therapy. In certain cases people should wait up to 5 months, depending on the individual. In this time “vacuum”, let’s call it, the patient must drink 1/16 to 1/8 litres of juice, and take as much as natural types of the food as possible. In that direction the meat, the white flour or the white sugar as well as the food of industrial origin is out of the question.

And remember that the vegetable juices should be consumed before a meal-always.