The question is: How to deal with it? Here is the advice…

stomach trash-can

When someone asks what helps for intestine cleaning, the answer is: Wood Spurge Euphorbia amygdaloides, because the same is extremely hot and strong.

Other things that can help for such a condition are hay and cumin  which should be used as a natural laxative that has an intention (direction) to help discerning a better stimulus in order to clean the stool naturally that is painful for the body. Using of the natural laxative for opening the intestines and ceasing of the constipation might cause more damage than bring you good for the body.

Namely the constipation brings us to constipation of the intestine and the same should be treated by its opposite. This comes because the user is trying to eliminate quickly the un-needed products from the digestion and other feces.

When talking about the senna Cassia angustifolia, its leaves have an effect as a mild laxative, and the same is considered as hot and dry in the first degree. Its other benefits include cleaning of the yellow bile and the same is often use in the treatment of the angina pectoris, the black jaundice, hepatitis, herpes simplex, skin cracking, head migraine, hair loss, ears, skin pimples, itching and epilepsy, and it also relaxes the muscle tone.