The Fish Preparation

The Fish Preparation 1
The fish preparation can be both quick and easy under the condition you buy clean fish or fillets. The fish can be combined with salad, sauce and spices.

As an addition-vegetable salad, the fish suits perfectly with cooked swiss chard or broccoli, onion and potato.

Sometimes it is well to be combined with other sort of vegetable such as the small pumpkins, the carrot, celery, bean pods/string beans. When talking about the fruits, we can say it might be combined with sour apples, orange, lemon, and referring to the spices we can confirm that it is a good combination to enter along with garlic, parsley and pepper

The olive oil sauce, spice plants and the lemon juice
Here we can divide it on two groups.

The first one represents the classic topping. This means you need to add the lemon juice, salt on the parsley cut in small slices and the onion. Then you overflow it with an olive oil and mix the mash. In certain cases, if you wish, you can also add pepper, basil or rosemary.

The other group is the mustard topping. Here we refer that you need to take roasted capsicum cut in small slices, then add a piece of mashed apple, 1 spoon of honey, lemon juice, ginger, 3 spoons of mustard and a small amount of olive oil.

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