Suicide and Depression: Risk Factors and Warning Signs of Suicide

Suicide and Depression Risk Factors and Warning Signs of Suicide

Suicide is defined by the instance of an individual taking his own life with the individual being in full consciousness. Statistics as released by the Ministry of Health indicate that close to 32,500 cases of depression suicides for every 100,000 people have been reported in the United States of America. On age group, the highest percentage is clocked by depression suicides committed by individuals in the age group 45-54 with the individuals in the age group 85+ coming a close second in the charts. The worrisome statistic is that close to 10,000 out of 100,000 people commit suicides in the age group 15-34 giving confirmation to the fact that teenage depression suicides are on the rise. These statistics are for the year 2004 and I can assure you that by now, the numbers have risen more.

What are some of the reasons for depression suicide?

  • No solution to the depression issue - With increase in cases of depression, the suicide cases are also rising on a yearly basis. The major reason attributed to this is individuals do not find a long lasting solution to their depressive behavior. Lack of social support or lack of concern or care from the family members are also said to be attributing to this factor.
  • Peer pressure- The statistic of 10,000 out of 100,000 is a chilling reminder to us that a lot of teens decide to quit their lives. Ideally, these are the people who are responsible for forming the crux of the nation. Depression suicides at a young age is primarily attributed to the social belief that a person who is depressed is a failed person and may not be able to do any good for the society.
  • Sexual Assaults - Suicides due to sexual assaults especially in women have been on the rise. As the society moves towards a more modernized standard of living, some elements of the society seem to take freedom of liberty a bit too far. Women who are subjected to molestations, rape etc find their way into depression and more often than not, these women end up committing suicide.

How to treat this danger of depression suicide?

Let us face it – Depression suicide is not a disease or disorder, it is just caused by one. It is an event which can only be detected after it has been committed. One method which is very effective and natural to cut down the suicide rates due to depression is to cut down the causes of depression. There are very few reasons why people would commit suicide when they are not depressed. Remember, depression suicide is not something which can be prevented if someone is determined to follow through. It can be, all that is required is your constant support to the cause.