Sicknesses of the kidney can cure Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea)

goldenrod Solidago
This curative plant can be found in the forests, at places full with water, in forests where the trees are cut. It is a stalker, densely overgrown with gold-yellow flowers, with high of 80 cm. Flowers are collecting from July to October.  They are used for bowls sicknesses and bleeding from bowls. The Goldenrod is used for sicknesses of the kidney.

The flowers and leaves of Goldenrod are good for sicknesses of kidney and bladder. You can drink a tea mix of Goldenrod, Woodruff (gallium) and yellow nettle. Drink three or four couples of tea daily and the problems will disappear for 14 days.

The Goldenrod together with Woodruff (galium) and yellow and white nettle helps for atrophy of kidney, water sicknesses of kidney and when the person is adjusted on dialyzer.

The kidneys react to all psychic states of man. The kidneys feel when a person suffers mental stress. Goldenrod very positive effect on the mental life of man. Tea made from goldenrod plants must use when you have mental problems and stress. Stress and mental discomfort can be solved with goldenrod plant tea.

Preparing the tea: one little spoon of Goldenrod poured over with ¼ liter hot water and let it stay a short time. Then you can filter it and drink it some couples daily.