This diet is a great choice for all those who want to quickly melt some unnecessary pounds.
This green tea and milk diet is new and trendy. It gives the desired results, and is mostly recommended for people who want to remove the excess water in the body.

milk tea

It is practiced for one day only and a maximum of two times during a month.

It will help you lose between a half and two kilograms in one day.

People who have health issues should consult their doctor before starting this diet.


– 50 us oz (1.5 liters) of low-fat milk

– 2 tablespoons of green tea leaves


Boil the milk and cool it to 158ºF (70ºC), then add the green tea leaves.

Cover the tea and let it sit for 20 minutes, then strain the milk and drink it throughout the day – drink one cup every two hours. Besides the milk, you are only allowed to drink water that day.

Source  Healthy Food Advice