Beer is not just a drink!  Beer made ​​from honey

Beer made from honey
Honey has been used as a food and as a medicine since ancient times. It is mentioned in various books, sacred texts and scriptures.
Sometimes the bride is having a drink made ​​of honey for 30 days after the wedding in order to encourage fertility and protect it from frigidity. From this tradition and originated the term ‘honeymoon’.

This old beverage is a fermented mixture made ​​up of  malt and honey with a flavor of your choice. Later, the malt is replaced with hops.
Even then, it was thought that this formula has a favorable effect on the female sex glands, and the present analysis of the ingredients to confirm this. Specifically, this elixir is rich in vitamin E and aspartic acid. Honey contains traces of estrogen is also one of the hormone that is synthesized primarily in the ovaries, and which plays an important role in female sexuality. Later it was shown that the hops and contain appreciable amounts of estrogen.

The preparation of this drink, the old recipe is quite complicated, so today’s herbalists recommend to drink hops tea sweetened with honey.
Recipe for tea from hops and honey: Put 25 to 30 grams of hops in a bowl made ​​of porcelain, and to pour a pint of boiling water. Leave everything to stand for 15 minutes and strain tea. Tea drink half an hour before meals, sweetening it with a spoon of honey.