Everyone wants to have perfect skin. A clean face is a requirement if we want to feel confident. That’s why acne can cause bigger problems than you may think. It’s affecting our self-esteem. It is a huge problem when you are a teenager facing acne, but I would dare say that it’s even a bigger issue when you are older. When you’re not in adolescent years, nobody expects you’ll have that skin condition, but it happens. It is a stubborn problem, one that is not easy to resolve. But it can be done. How I accomplished that? I would like to share secrets of my success with you, hopefully, you’ll benefit from it.
Natural cleansing

When faced with acne, the most important step is to clean our face properly.  A lot of people are mistaken thinking that alcohol based products and salicylic acid can clear skin of acne the best. On the contrary, they are only damaging and drying up your skin. Trust me, I’ve been there. Instead of using these chemical based products, I’ve turned to natural ones. For me, the all around best solution for natural skin cleansing is honey. This should be applied in the mornings. Dip your fingers in to half spoon of raw honey, and then massage it on your face, and in the end rinse. Honey has perfect antibacterial properties and it removes excess oil, but doesn’t leave the skin dry.

An apple a day…

Besides being my favorite in between meal, apple has many great features that can help with trouble making skin. It is actually, an apple based product, that had share in curing my acne troubled skin. Apple cider vinegar is great for balancing the skin’s pH. In a few easy steps you’ll cope with the skin infection. By simply massaging apple cider with a cotton round on the problem areas, you’ll not only deal with the acne you already have, but also improve skin resistance to future problems.

Refresh the skin

The important step in the battle against acne is exfoliating. My journey to finding the right natural product to remove dead skin cells, was long and exhausting. But, I’m glad that it ended successfully, and  I can share results with you. The perfect natural exfoliate is papaya. It can remove dead skin cells without damaging the younger cell beneath, which was my problem with a lot of previously tested exfoliates. For the treatment you can use papaya pulp, or grate it and apply on skin.

After acne

Once I’ve finally got rid of acne, I had another problem. They just wouldn’t go peacefully, and left me with scars. After all of these steps and hardship, the end wasn’t as satisfying as I expected. There is no special product in my kitchen cabinet that could help me with this, so I’ve decided to turn to professionals and went to acne treatment in Brisbane. I left the clinic more than impressed, especially because there were no chemicals involved, as you may have noticed, I’m not a big fan of them.

So, there you have it. My journey from acne troubled skin to skin that doesn’t know any more troubles. One thing I haven’t mentioned, and it was pretty helpful is, changing my nutrition habits. It wasn’t a drastic change, I just avoided food with artificial sugars, which helped my overall health too. Hopefully, these advices will come in handy for you. You have nothing to lose, but acne.