The secret ingredient of this mixture is cayenne pepper, but it is very important to make a tincture strictly as directed.

Many people are not aware that heart attack can stop just one simple but powerful foodstuff – Cayenne pepper (best known species of chili peppers), and only in 1 minute! Do you have at home cardiac patient, let this powerful medicine is always at hand.

The best recipe for the tincture of cayenne pepper according to Dr. Schulz

Tincture according to the following recipe is the best tincture emergency heart attacks. To mention, do not use hot peppers but only cayenne, which is the most popular types of chili peppers, and is grown mainly in India and South America. Chilli is bushy tropical plant, which is of peppers different in that it is a perennial plant. Ground chili is twenty times angrier than ordinary peppers because it contains a lot more pepper alkaloid capsaicin. angrier chilli is inversely proportional to the size of the fruit, so the smallest fruits are the angriest. Get the type described above.


9 oz (250 gr) or  1/4 a jar the powder cayenne pepper  
4 fresh cayenne peppers
50% alcohol (some use vodka or apple cider vinegar if you do not want alcohol)
Glass bottle capacity 1 liter


Put the gloves (working spiciness of chili).

On the day of the new moon ¼ fill jars with powder cayenne pepper. Pour with enough alcohol to cover the powder.

Blend in a blender  couple of whole fresh peppers with enough alcohol to get the mixture like a sauce.

Add this mixture to the first mixture so that ¾ fill the jars.

Then fill the jar to the end with alcohol and close it. Shake it as often as possible during the day.

Leave the tincture until the next full moon and then strain through gauze in a dark bottle.

Do you want a super strong tincture strain after 3 months.

Close the bottle well and put in a dark, dry place. No expiration date

Note: Do not use an actual hot peppers instead of cayenne! Tincture according to this recipe is best for emergency heart attacks.

The dosage as instructed by Dr. Schulz

If the person who has had a heart attack (angina) or stroke conscious give it 5-10 drops of tincture. For five minutes, repeat the dose. Continue to repeat the treatment to the desired improvements.

If the person is unconscious drop it under the tongue 1-3 drops and start with the revival. After 5 minutes, repeat dosing. Repeat every 5 minutes to the desired improvements.