The Magical Effect of the Potato

In order for the skin to get whiteness it should be washed with groats barley tea.
In order to get whiten hands: wash them in hot water, then soap them well, and leave them for the night. That can be done in the morning too, leaving the suds till it gets absorbed completely, after what the hands should be washed.

Cook a potato with no shells, mild it with milk and cologne and  rub the hands with this mixture.

Lotion for keeping the whiteness of the hands. People who don’t do any physical work can apply the following  lotion in order to keep the whiteness of their hands: glycerin-200 ml, rose water-100 ml, ethyl alcohol-100 ml. Add lemon juice made of 3 lemons to this mixture. Rub it and leave it like that for the night.

The raw potato must be obligatory cleaned with dry hands, and after finishing the job this person mustn’t wash the hands right away. This way it is possible to avoid the hand’s darkening with a potato juice.
Potato juice