Respiratory inflammation

How to recognize that there exists a respiratory inflammation? What should a person do before the occurrence of inflammation in order to be cured at the beginning?

 The inflammation usually starts with the appearance of pinching in the upper part of the throat, and then occurs a trebling sound from the chest, and later appears a sudden chest pain and secretion of large amounts of sputum. To facilitate breathing, the sick persons should consider the following:

First: quit smoking. This is something that everyone can do. It is especially important to do this when a person suffers from chronic respiratory infections.
Second: take into account the passive smoking (staying in a room where people smoke). Socialize less with people who smoke. If one of the partners smoke, it should help him/her stop, because smoking causes health problems and the occurrence of chronic inflammation of the respiratory organs in people who are around smokers.

Third: take more fluids, as this helps to keep the mucous membrane moist.
Fourth: the affected person must inhale warm (tepid) and humid air, which is very useful in such cases.