Simple Lips
One of the problems that each year winter brings is the problem with cracked lips. This sometimes can be so noticeable that it is almost impossible to talk and laugh. Cracking of the lips can sometimes lead to the appearance of blood. How can the painful cracking of the lips be treated?

First: use palm oil or balm. The best medicine for the treatment of cracked lips is to avoid exposure to cold and wind, which causes them to dry out and crack. The air itself, with its natural composition, has no negative impact on most people. The lips should be covered with lip balm before we go out on air.

Second: a cream should be used for solar activity protection.

Third: put lipstick on the lips (for women). Lipstick contains some creams that nourish lips and also protect when it comes to these health problems that occurs on the lips.

Fourth: use creams that soften lips and soothe the pain in them.

Fifth: be sure not to lack vitamin B in your food.

Sixth: drink large amounts of fluids (beverages). Taking plenty of fluids during the winter, moisturize the lip inside (lips get moisture from the body system). It is recommended to use a glass of water every couple of hours.

Seventh: avoid licking your lips.

Eighth: avoid the use of toothpaste. The cracking of the lips can worsen by some of the ingredients of toothpaste, candy, milk and moisturizing (wetting) the lips.

Ninth: we need to take zinc. Some people, while sleeping, are having water coming out of their mouth which further dries the lips and worsens their previous state. If this issue occurs to a person, then the person needs every night before sleeping to put a cream with zinc oxide because it acts as a layer that protects lips.