Complete Blood Count

The last time when you went to review the results of the blood tests show that your health is not satisfactory.
Just going to drop immunity, increase fat, iron and hemoglobin to below a satisfactory level. What to do and how to fix it?
This is a simple recipe that will help to restore blood count.


- 1 kg (2 pound) of Beet

- 1 kg (2 pound) of Carrots

- 1 kg (2 pound) of Apples

- 4 Lemons

- 250 g ( 8.8oz) of honey


1. Grate all ingredients in a bowl.

2. Add the leach juice from 4 lemons and stir.

3. Allow the mixture to stand for 24 hours.

4. After 24 hours, the mixture strain it through sterile gauze.

5. Mix and add the honey and stir until mixture together.

6. The mixture will get put into a glass bottle and store in refrigerator.

7. Every morning on an empty stomach eat a few tablespoons of this tasty and very healthy mixture.