Are you ready to find out the Ways the Royal Jelly can be used?

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At the moment the Royal Jelly was found, it was more familiar under the term “bee milk” and it wasn’t considered to have tenable/ nutritional and medicinal value. But this had proven as wrong. The same can be so easily and quickly perishable. This is the reason why the same must be kept at a certain temperature and in certain adequate conditions.

In its natural state the Royal Jelly represents a gelatinous substance with white color, and it has a hard taste due to the high level of  acidity and a very pleasant and clear smell.

The Royal Jelly is considered as a natural food in which contexture we can find the  vitamin B, but also the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, sex hormones and other unknown substances, which presence is up to 48,2% of the total royal food value. Maybe when they will be discovered we would find out the secret of the healing attributes regarding this food.

When discussing about the treatment of some skin diseases, the Royal Jelly has miraculous effects on the healing some skin diseases such as pubertal pimples and acnes which appear on the face. This way the noble type of food can be sometimes used as a mask (for the face) with a purpose to get the skin strengthening, its nourishing, flexibility and revitalization. The same removes the wrinkles and improves the function of capillaries which are located under the skin.

The royal jelly can have a huge impact on the blood pressure i.e. on the diseases closely connected to the blood pressure. Those patients who have high or low blood pressure can start the healing procedure by consuming bigger amount of Royal Jelly.

When talking about the general exhaustion and impotence, the royal jelly has a pleasant taste and the same has a strong influence on the cholesterol level in the blood. This makes the Royal Jelly useful medicine for arteriosclerosis disease (arterial congestion) which is a consequence of gathering cholesterol on the arteries and blood vessel walls. 
For patients who have problems with the general development due to the bad nutrition, the experts warmly recommend the use of Royal Jelly for ten days time in a diverse amount between 10 and 15 ml on a daily basis. All these patients with lack of vitality, nerve disorders and mild fatigue, impotence among men, or interruption of the menstrual cycle among girls and women who entered the period of menopause earlier than the usual (usually over the age of 40) had marvelous achievements after using the Royal Jelly. Namely they get improved flexibility and their sexual power is being increased, no matter if the same was provoked by the age or by some other reason. This group of patients should take a dose of 60 mg Royal Jelly that needs to be taken twice per 30 mg. Regarding those patients that are mentioned and who suffer from lack of flexibility and nerve disorders, after taking the Royal Jelly get increased appetite as well as the weight,  with one word: their common health is beings improved, and the menstrual cycle among women who enter the menopause sooner than the usual is being regulated.

Even though we might consider or being even convinced that we know everything about the honey bee and the Royal Jelly and their healing attributes, yet we are astonished by some other things we discover every day by using them for all kinds of needs.

Patients who want to get boosting immunity, healing cough and hard breathing are advised to use the Honey made of Black cumin (Nigella sativa).

Experts recommend the Honey of marjoram for people that need or want to maintain the hormonal balance.

The Honey made of bananas is the best option regarding people who are healing anemia.

For healing melancholy and distraction you are advised to take the Honey made of basil.

The coriander honey is an extraordinary answer when talking about curing some digestive disorders.

Honey of acacia is God sent cure for healing warts and their prevention.

Honey of the lotus is the strongly recommended cure for healing liver and spleen malfunction, as well as the swelling of these organs into our system.