BLUEBERRY (Latin: Vaccinum myrtillus L.)

The blueberry fruit has a very high organic value, an extraordinary taste, and the same can be consumed raw, non-processed or as a stewed fruit, or added in sweets, pies, jelly, or drunk as juice.

Healing and useful elements There are many important substances in the blueberry leaves, such as abortion, glycoside myrtillin, gluconine, tannin, sugar, apple and citron acid, gum and many more. Some of these substances can be also found in the blueberry fruit such as tannin, sugar, apple and citron acids, but there are some other essential substances such as the Vitamin C, pectin, oxalic and amber acid. Healing characteristics If the blueberry fruits are dried and cooked, they can be the perfect cure for people with diarrhea, urinary problems and hemorrhoid. The blueberry juice, fresh or sterilized, can be the best choice for many different situations. And people that have digestion problems and hardships should take the blueberry fresh fruits on every 2 to 3 hours in a time period of several days, and they will see the positive effect in no time.

People with visual problems should take the blueberry fruits because the same has a lot of the important substance karatenoid or Latin. Why is this substance so important?  Because the same is an integral part of the yellow body of our iris, and the same has a duty regarding the sharpness of our central vision.
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