Place the atlas and get rid of the numerous health problems-explanation.

In case you have unexplained headaches, dizziness, migraine, constant tiredness and energy loss, heart beating, pulse in the head, depression, problems with the sight and hearing, losing sleep, soft feeling of one leg shorter than the other one, problems with the functions of the inside organs and you didn’t succeed to find a medical explanation or cure, going from one doctor -specialist to another one, it is pretty much possible that you have wrongly rotated first cervical vertebrae.

Have you ever heard of atlas? It is a word of the first cervical vertebrae which is located right under the skull and on which the skull actually stands. The thing which is actually a problem is that all people in the world are born with more or less rotated atlas regarding the position which they should’ve had. Besides this the way of life of those numerous physical challenges that we are faced with during our life such as sudden turn on the head, some sport’s activity, a traffic accident, the long-year’s wrong gold of the body while working or sleeping cause additional rotation in even worse position. All these things cause a row of problems that have different manifestation among people.

The hardships that appear after the atlas rotating can be of physical and psychic nature, such as headache especially in the back part of the head, dizziness, disorientation, migraine, constant tiredness and lack of energy, pulse in the head, lack of sleep, disordered mood, depression and nerve problems. The rotated atlas takes pressure on the vertebral artery this way disabling the blood flow in the brain, which causes the listed problems. Unfortunately, this is not even close of all the possible hardships caused by the atlas. The wrongly rotated atlas makes pressure on the signal extended medulla and this way imprinting the connection that makes tie between the brain and the other parts of the body. This might cause another additional row of problems since this way the control of the basic living functions such as the heart working, breathing, muscle tonus, center of the nerves vagus which controls the work of the internal organs, the center of our senses, mood, motivation etc. is labored.


With one word, a rotated atlas might be the real, unrevealed reason for lots of health problems for which resolving the experts are searching for a long time without any success, and for which actually they can’t find out the reason looking for help from the medicine on the wrong places. One of the solution is of course to get back the atlas in its correct position by the Atlas-relax method for the atlas reposition. You would ask What is the Atlas-relax method for the atlas reposition, right?

This is defined as a unique method for atlas reposition of the first cervical vertebrae which along with the universal vibrating device specially constructed for returning the atlas in its correct position with one treatment made by the educated Atlas specialists will most certainly bring the atlas in its correct position. In the Atlas-relax centers more than 1000 people had asked for a solution regarding their problems connected to hardships and painful syndromes. Excellent results have been achieved till now, for which testify the people who have made this treatment. The treatments are being performed in special Atlas-relax centers where those who have been working on setting the atlas have been sent by the atlas specialists during the curing period. Unfortunately, there are lots of people on the markets that bring people with troubles and problems in fallacy, offering different models of setting the atlas, and they are not even capable of performing this, neither have the license. Be careful to which arms are you putting your head into. Don’t let every single person to make different acts or treatments on you. This method is simple, harmless, painless and you need to make it just once in a lifetime. There is no repeating or long-term therapy nor returning on the previous shape after making just one treatment of this method. The method has been successfully performed on many patients with such problems. In case you want to discover how the atlas looks like, where the same is located and why the same causes certain problems that we have, maybe things will get much clear to you.

Did you know that all of us are born with more or less rotated first cervical vertebrae called atlas? Just one treatment is all that it takes in order to return it in the right position. Atlas is the first cervical vertebrae on which the skull lies on. The term has been known in ancient times. the atlas enables us to move the head forward and backward, making us able to make YES with our head. When we move the head left or right atlas is moved on the second cervical vertebrae axis, enabling to make NO with our head. The atlas can sometimes be brought in even more unfavorable position regarding the skull with light moves around the personal axis. In case the atlas is not in its correct position anymore, the upper neck muscle structure gets harder.

The vertebra happens to be constantly curved, and this is the reason why the atlas causes us a bunch of complex and painful problems which get even worse as times goes by. But let’s see the problem from close perspective. In the inside part of the atlas there are bunch of veins and arteries that enables blood flowing to the brain, as well as the vertebral arteries that pass near all the neck vertebra and near the very atlas. In front of the atlas passes another very important artery-carotis interna which enters the skull through the so-called faramen jugulare . if the atlas is slightly moved, it can might cause extreme extension of the vertebral artery which reduces the blood stream to the cerebellum.

On the other hand the atlas might come to a position to make pressure on the arterio carotis interno  and it comes to slowing down the blood flow to the brain. The wrong position of the atlas causes a bunch of problems which repeat very often, starting with a headache, pains in the neck, from pains in the shoulders and pains in the back. The wrong position of the atlas doesn’t have bad impact just on the blood stream but on the nerve system as well.  Vagus nerve also passes in front of the atlas, and the same is most important and the most ramified nerves of the vegetative nerve system and which is responsible for numerous functions of our body. One of its main functions is the stimulation of producing the digestive acid as well as administration of the intestines functioning.  If this nerve makes problems on the atlas, then it comes to numerous hardships such as dizziness, losing balance, nuisance, sudden faint pale or red face, excessive sweating, gastritis, obstipation  and the syndrome of the irritated intestine. The vagus nerve also has an impact on the number of heart beats, and the malfunction of this nerve is one of the reasons for tachycardia, or even high or low blood pressure.. it has impact on the problems with the spinal column, as well, and this causes problems with imbalance of the entire bone-and-muscle system. This refers to scoliosis.

The permanent imbalance causes over-loading of some muscles and then the muscles get tighten and impact on the nerves and the blood vessels. Sometimes the pain in the knee, in the leg or in the hips is actually result of the wrong position of the atlas and we don’t have a clue about it. The X-rays tomography or the magnet resonance can establish the wrong position of the atlas. We all find it hard to estimate the position of our own atlas. The therapists just sooth the pains and problems for a while, but don’t resolve the problem for good. The correction of the atlas position doesn’t ask for any sort of diagnosis. It’s not nuisance if you use therapy. This phenomenon can and should be corrected as a preventive.. this way you’ll return the optimal functions of the entire system, returning the atlas in its natural position.

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