Did the dream interpretation cause fear…
The Snakes are a symbol of an enemy, having in mind many examples in the history from many familiar events, and the hostility of each specific snake is proportional to its danger, size and toxicity. The snake might even be a symbol of unbelievers and innovators in the faith/ religion since the snake’s strongest weapon is the poison.

This lizard might even be a sign of wanton regarding his nature and the biting propensity.

Sometimes people make logical connections between the snake and the water, having in mind that water is a very significant element for all on this Earth.

The snake might be a symbol of a ruler, too, and sometimes even a sign of a woman or a child.

In case you dream hitting a snake or wrestling against her, this is a sign you’re going to fight against the enemies and in this case if you killed the snake you’ll also defeat the enemies and if it is the opposite i.e. the snake bitten you, the enemies will cause you inconvenience proportional to the danger caused by the snake in the dream.

Eating snake meat in your dream is a symbol of enemy’s wealth, joy and happiness.

If you dream cutting the snake in two parts, you’ll get your right from the enemy. You’ll gain some good/ benefit to which other people will be astonished in case you dream a snake is talking to you gently and kindly.

If you dream a dead snake, God will protect you from an enemy evil and he won’t use its power and strength.