Outstanding Natural Juice Against Kidney Stones

Kidney stones consist mainly of calcium and can cause excessive build-up of salt in the diet, which stimulates calcium excretion in the urine. Other types of stones are formed from uric acid, a byproduct of which is caused by a diet with lots of protein. You can remove them?

What You Can Do to Prevent Kidney Stones? First of all, reduce the amount of salt you eat daily meals (less eating outside the home), an excessive amount of calcium and protein and drink lots of fluids, which will halve the risk of developing crystals in the urinary tract.

In one study, Californian experts diluted 0.12 liters of lemon juice in two liters of water and offered to patients with kidney stones. They found that significantly reduce the occurrence of lemonade formation of kidney stones with any of the scaling 0.13 per patient.

Lemon is really special. Of all the citrus, lemon contains the highest concentration of citrate in a natural way inhibit the formation of kidney stones. Other fruit juices have so much citrate, and their flavor compensates calcium and oxalate – substances that form kidney stones exactly.

Skip sweetening lemonade with sugar - rather select a teaspoon of honey.