Testimony of this woman from Macedonia Natasha cured from cancer in lymph glands (followed with bone pain and back pain and metastases in 4th grade).
With this drink she was healed just in 6 month and she helped more than 100 other sick people.
quicklime water

Composition of Quicklime water


170 oz (5 liters) of water

17.7 oz (500 gr) Quicklime baked in the wood oven

Pot for boiling water 7-10 liters (usually old not stainless steel)


In a pot put 5 liters of cold water. Quicklime put in a pot and mix it only with a wooden spoon. Let stand for 12-24 hours and cover it with cloth. Then strain it through a strainer with gauze. Lime throw (remove) and put water in glass bottles.
Drink this water 200 ml (one glass) every day on an empty stomach in the morning and 3 hours must not eat anything.
If you can not drink the water you can mix it with a little yogurt.

Once a week make bath with 1 pound (500 grams) of baking soda to clean malignant particles through the pores of the skin.
baking soda
Treatment lasts from 3 to 6 months for people suffering from leukemia, cancer and other severe diseases.

This water is not harmful to the body and even helps the stomach to wash out the poisoning by acids and toxins.
People who are in good condition without health problems should drink 2 cups weekly to detox the body from harmful substances – purifying is done through the faeces.

 Advice: For people suffering from cancer is forbidden to consume sugar because sugar feeds the cancer. Sugar should be replaced with honey.