Water Treatment of the Fever

The severity of the fever that burns intensely as if it got out of the fire can be cooled by using water. Nevertheless, following the modern medicine practice the podiatrists are usually prescribing cold water bath until the fever is not reduced.

There are two meanings, one of them is general for all the people, and it other is referred just for few of them. In this sense, the second one is especially applied to people who live in extremely warm regions, such as the Middle East peninsula is. People from this region are used to have short-term fevers that are consequence of their exposal to the high temperatures, and they should be treated by using cold water or bathing in it. But on the other hand people who are briefly exposed to extreme cold can also get such short-term fever, and they should be treated by drinking warm beverages or bathing in warm water.

We can agree that here we once again see and recognize the theory of contrasts.

Some medical experts in this field claim that the fever is a biologically un-natural temperature that arises in the heart through increase/ grow or stagnating of the blood hormones that are connected with the spirit or the soul. By carrying in the middle direction through the veins and arteries such a temperature is soon spread through the entire body, growing until it reaches the biological imbalance. The same has a negative effect on the natural body functions.

We should know that there are 2 types of fever: the short-term which is caused by inflammation, excessive movement or exposal to a huge summer warmness or freezing cold in the winter, among other cases, and there is also mention the traumatic fever which is afterwards divided on 3 categories. The traumatic fever comes from the blood, as one of the four waning secretions that increases or develops the temperature and extends all over the body: when the temperature is connected to the soul the same is called one-day fever or short-term fever and the same can last to 3 days maximum. When the fever is connected to 4 basic body secretions called bile (yellow bile), mucus and a plethora which is called rot, and at the end when the fever comes from the primary organ, which is called fatiguing, and later on the same is developed in several types.