Natural Method for Acne and Pimples Treatment in Just 2 Steps!

This unpleasant shape of the human skin mostly happens in the puberty period since in that period of the human life it comes to some obstacles in the kidney’s functioning because of the increased work of the sebaceous gland. Talking form the experience, we, the elder ones, know that acne can appear in older ages, as well, right? Whenever they appear, we all want for them to disappear as soon as possible. In order for the fight against acne gets more efficient, we must attack them both on internal and external field.

One of the most frequent reason because of which the acne appear often are actually some internal disorders, especially in the puberty, and this is why we need to eliminate the reasons by blood purification. That’s why we must avoid spiced or too-salty food. We must also reduce the milk entrance in the body, as well as the sea or processed food because of the huge amounts of hidden iodine. The iodine in huge amounts is irritating the pores and worsens the acne condition.

Here are two ingredients by which you must act simultaneously on the acne. The first thing is acting from the inside. You need to consume nettle tea against the current and the appearance of some new acne. The nettle is an excellent stimulation for the kidney functioning both for healthy kidneys and for some disorders in the kidney functioning. The improved kidney work effects on better process of blood purification i.e. throwing away the waste products.

This process will result with elimination of the inside reasons for acne appearance.
1 full soupspoon of nettle must be overflow with 8.5 oz (250ml) of hot water, then leave it like that for a brief and then filter it. You need to drink as much as possible on daily basis from this tea, sip by sip during the entire day, and the experts recommend the amount to be 33.8 oz (1 liter) at least.
The other influence on the acne elimination is acting from the outside on the affected part of the skin. The acting should be made by a something you will do all by yourself.
Take horseradish, (Latin name Cochelaria armoracia) root and grate it into glass jar. Overflow it with apple cider vinegar and fill the jar to the top. The horseradish should stay like that for 10 days on room temperature. The liquor and per some piece of the horseradish should be used for rubbing in the morning and in the evening on the affected area and the areas which are especially affected by the acne such as the human face is. Then leave it like this for 5-10 minutes.


Before this you must wash the affected area with pure water and the mass or the liquor should be put on a wet skin. After this procedure the area should be once again washed with clean water. If you get inflammatory situation of pimples, put 5-6 times a day aloe gel on them, with as bigger as possible percentage of aloe which will regenerate the skin and sooth the inflammation. The described procedures can be done when the pimples appear, but as a prevention as well, especially if you have the tendency to acnes because of certain conditions in the system or the year.