Roasted Spinach

Roasted Spinach 1
Here is one pretty delicious addition enriched with cheese, ideal as a vegetarian meal and for any sort of meat.

The ingredients needed for this are:

-1 kilogram (4lb 6.5479oz) of raw spinach,

-300 ml (6.7628 us fl oz) of warm milk,

-200 g (440lb 14.793oz) of cheese,

-2 spoons of flour and

-2 spoons of oil, pepper,

-1 spoon of salt,

- And a nutmeg.

The preparation of this food is very simple-as the scientists underline. Follow the instructions: the well washed spinach should be cooked in salty water for 3 minutes, and then the same needs to be dried. You out the oil in another bowl and then you need to add 2 spoons of flour and the milk. After this you also add the salt, the pepper and the nutmeg. The mass must be mixed in order to become uniform and it must be cooked for around 5 minutes.

You need third cooking bowl for cooking, and you mix along he boiled spinach with the mass made of milk (also known as Béchamel sauce) and after this you add the shred cheese. If you wish, you can also add Parmigiano-Reggiano, or Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley.

All this must be distilled at around 180 °C (equals 356° F), and then the same can be served.

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