Steak Into Sauce Made of White Vine and Cream

In case you wish to prepare this delicious receipt, first get:
4 pieces of chops,
25 g of butter,
150 ml white vine,
100 ml of sour cream,
1 yolk,
2 spoons of flour,
oil and spices according to the wishes.

When you take care of the chops with the meat-pestle leave them into some vegeta (mixture of spices) sauce and garlic cut into pieces.
Then fry them into heated pan with oil until they get some color. Take the meat out, and put the yolk, the sour cream, the vine and the flour into the same pan. Leave it gets cooked for 10 minutes, then overflow the steaks. You can always combine some salad, lettuce or cabbage with this easy and quick receipt, and don’t forget to drink glass of white vine according to the wish.