Mushroom Cream Soup

The time needed for this soup preparation is 25 minutes.

The needed ingredients are as following:

100 grams (3.5 oz)  of Mushrooms,
1 small piece of smoked meat,
1 bulb of onion,
1 egg yolk,
1 lemon,
4 spoons of sour milk,
parsley, pepper, salt and wild thyme,
1 spoon of flour  
1 spoon butter and
½ liter of soup.

You need to add the onion on the warmed butter and fry it, and then you should add the washed and cut into slices Mushrooms. The ham should be also cut and added to the mash, then pour the flour and fry it a little. Overflow it with the soup, and then add the parsley and the wild thyme. Then you need to add salt and the pepper according to your wishes. Then you need to cook it all for 5 minutes more. Then take it from the hotplate, add the yolk that was whisked previously along with the sour milk. The put the parsley on the top and the meal is ready to be served.

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