Does dreaming of FISH can cause GOOD…..? 

In case you dream getting a huge amount of Fish, then it is a symbol of getting wealth and loot. In case you dream getting small fish, they are signs of worry connected to children. Getting one or 2 fresh fish in a dream is a sign you’ll get marries to one or two women.
In case you find a pearl, the wife is going to give him son, and in case he finds suet then the wife is going to get wealth and some good. You’ll confront some trouble in case you dream getting salted fish. A small salted fish is not a good sign, too. But there are always exceptions, of course, and this doesn’t apply to them. If you dream a fish came out of your mouth, this is a symbol of words by which you cheat on your wife. If you dream fish is coming out of the genitalia, you’ll get daughter. A fresh living fish is a symbol of a virgin. Catching fish on land is a symbol of doing something immoral and some say that this is a symbol of some happy news. Catching fish in turbid/ blur water is a symbol of some grave concern, and catching fish in clean water is supplies or son born who will be happy. You’ll get regimen and authority in case you dream eating living fish.

Fresh fried fish is a symbol of prey or some good.

Some of us believe that the fresh fried fish is a symbol of fulfilling some need, the answer to the prayers or abundance of the supply if the dreamer is God –fearing, and if it’s not-then the fish is a symbol of punishment.

Salted fried fish is a symbol of going on a journey because of seeking knowledge or wisdom. If you dream rolling small fish in a flour and then fry them in an oil, this is a sign you fix something that is useless investing in this an effort and spending the property in order for all this to bring him/ her a cozy property. In case you dream having fish on the table and that you and the servant are eating its stomach and back, this is a sign of evil servant-he’s using your family (most probably cheating you with your wife).