This aquatic plant grows mostly in the swamps, marshes and the mud on the banks of the still waters. Its root mass horizontally lies in the mud banks and from it grow of many swords shaped leaves, up to 1 meter high. In the middle of the stem flat there are pistons of green to brown-yellow color. The root with a length of 1 meter has a thickness of the thumb and when it is fresh has a spicy bitter taste. When it is dry, its taste is milder. Also, it is collected in early spring or late fall.

Sweet flag’s root due to its effect  to strengthen the body is used not only at the general weakness of digestion in the stomach and flatulence and intestinal cramps but it is also extremely helpful with gland diseases and gout. Also it contributes a lot for initiation of the lazy stomach and sluggish intestines and intestinal catarrh removal of these organs. It is recommended with a slower metabolism and intestinal laziness, as well as with pale skin and dropsy.

Extremely skinny people who have lost their weight because they did not eat well, they should drink tea of sweet flag root and occasionally to use a full bath with the addition of this herb. It improves the appetite and helps with the kidney disease and it is a good tool for cleaning the whole organism. The tea is helpful also for children even for the grain intolerance (gluten enteropathy) which recently has been very frequent. Dried root when chewed slowly is helpful for smoking cessation. Weak eyes strengthen when with closed eyelids are frequently oiled with a fresh juice of the sweet flag root. The  juice is left  for a few minutes and then washed with a cold water.

It is recommended for people who have frostbite to use warm baths from sweet flag. The roots are left overnight in a cold water , and the next day that water is heated until boiling. It is left for five minutes. In a middle warm, not too hot extract the affected area is kept inside for 20 minutes. This extract can be fueled and used up to four times. The bath of sweet flag  helps with cold hands and feet,only that in this case it is used as hot as one can bear.

When a patient loses weight and is hopelessly ill with lung cancer consistently chew Calamus root and in the morning and evening pouring tea from yarrow, his body weight will gradually start to increase.