Tongue Diseases

Freshly picked up Gallium woodruff, sweet woodruff should be cut in small pieces and then  parboiled, and left for a short while. These people should drink 6 to 8 cups a day, and on one cup they should take a small but full spoon of the Gallium woodruff, sweet woodruff .
Woodruff galium ivanjsko cveke
During the whole day these people need to wash and gargle and then spit out the tea. The swollen pots have easily disappeared and the afflictions are gone after the fourth or the fifth day. The patient will have no longer any hardships-just if he washes, gargles and drinks this tea.

Inflammation of the throat and the tonsils

The inflammation of the throat and tonsils can be treated with sage. To solve this health problem you need to drink sage tea more often. Also, it is advisable to expose your face to a water steam in which a full cup of sage tea is added, improving the progression in the nose and the respiratory tract, which can be blocked by the secretions of the mucous. The sage can be used to remove the accumulations in the throat that are accompanied by the feeling of cold or flu.
A water solution of two grams sea wormwood (Artemisia maritima), one gram basil and two grams thyme. This product can be drunk or used for a gargle, in the morning and in the evening.

Healing hoarseness

Two grams white basil, two grams dill and two grams chamomile flowers. This water solution is taken regularly in the morning and in the evening until the hoarseness is reduced.