Latin name: Malus sylvestris Mill

Family Name: Rosaceae

It is reported that Apple strengthens the heart, and apple juice has a positive effect on people suffering from anxiety.
Medicinal parts:
The medicinal part of the apple is its fruit.

Apple Contain a high percentage of base salts which take part in the process of food burning which is rich in iron, and is used in case of constipation, also it is useful for the liver and if someone suffers from high blood pressure and apple juice strengthens and tightens the skin.
Not fermented apple juice is good for people who are anemic, and for those who suffer from arteriosclerosis (arterial congestion). Apple juice strengthens the liver, and it is said that one apple a day totally cleanse the digestive system.

Effective ingredients
Effective ingredients of apples are the following:
• Base salts,
• Monosaccharide,
• Mineral salts,
• Vitamins,
• Fibers and
• Pectin.