Lose Weight Fast and Maintain It Too With These 10 Free Tips

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Each individual has their own metabolic rate and thus gaining or losing weight is never uniform for everybody, even if they follow the same diet and exercise regime. However, whatever is your speed; you can quicken it with the following 10 great tips:

Tip 1.
Before following any diet; you must ensure that you know your body’s requirements well. A lot depends also on the kind of work you do; if your work is physically strenuous then the amount of calories you need will be different from another that has a desk job. A simple way to calculate your requirements is to multiply your actual weight by 17 if you are moderately active; those who have a sedentary lifestyle should multiply by 15 and those who are highly active should multiply by 20. This is an easy calculation of calories needed in a day.

Tip 2.
Eating right is of course an essential component of not only losing weight but also maintaining it. The right way to go about eating right is to first keep a journal of what you actually eat and then cut down all the high calorie content food items.

Tip 3.     
Calculate the total amount of calories you are actually consuming and compare it to the calculated figure in the above step. This will give you a crystal clear idea of your excess!

Tip 4.
The next step in eating right is to include plenty of fruits and veggies. These will provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and fibers that are necessary for maintaining a good digestive system.

Tip 5.
A lot of people think that cutting calories mean skipping a meal. This is the worst thing that you can do. Some studies have shown that skipping meals, especially breakfast that is the most important meal of the day results in flab around the upper arms and the thighs! Moreover, when you are starving; you will end up eating more, but if you divide into smaller portions and multiple meals than you will feel full all the time and the urge to overeat will not be there.

Tip 6.
Fresh fruits are the way to go and not canned fruits or processed and preserved juices. It is a good idea to detoxify your system once in a while with a complete juice diet.

Tip 7.     
A great thing about keeping a calorie count is that you can indulge yourself in a slice of cake when at parties or when out with friends. All you need to do is then to eat less in the next meal or if you already knew there will high calorie food in the party; you can eat lesser calorie in the earlier meals in the day.

Tip 8.
Some processed food read “fat free” but remember it may not always be true. All kinds of processed food are liable to have high sodium or even fat content.

Tip 9.
Juices are not always healthy if you are taking the sweetened form and beverages like aerated drinks. These are very high in calories and a glass of such drinks is often equivalent to the calories you will consume in a small meal. The difference is that that meal will make you complete, but having beverages does not fill the stomach and as a result a person eats more.

Tip 10.
Exercising is a must, not only to lose weight, but also to maintain the lost weight. Moreover, fitness is more important and it is 30 minutes of some kind of exercise, like walking or jogging that will help you to maintain and will also help you to lose weight when on a diet. Moreover, you can also expect firmer muscles and better overall health.

Now, if you are not generally overweight but have gained a few pounds because of the recent partying spree; then you can easily lose them with a detox juice diet. As mentioned above it is also one of the best ways to maintain your lost weight too.

Apart from the above tips; there are some healthy eating habits that all should follow regardless of their weight such as chewing food properly and having their food on time. These habits promote better digestion and as a result an improved metabolism that is s crucial to losing weight and maintaining it a proper level.

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