Antique recommendations

Raw potato
The main unpleasantness that stays even after tanning is over is the change of the skin color and their roughness that can be kept for longer period sometimes. Most of all here helps a lot the frequent moistening of the burned parts of the skin with milk, water or juice from raw potato.

 Cucumber seed tea
This tea can be prepared with vodka or 40% alcohol in proportion 1:10. The same needs to be kept for 2 weeks, and filtered. The same should be diluted before use in a proportion 1:10 and rub the face until you get the wanted results. The same is applied as means for skin protection from the sun and the freckle creation. A water extract of the cucumber for the skin is used for rubbing the face and hands against the sun’s influence and the wrinkles.

You can protect the skin to certain level if you apply yoghurt. For strong red color on any skin parts you should do this: lubricate them with sour milk, Eau de cologne or vodka and avoid further stay on the sun until the entire reddish disappears.

Sour milk or lemon juice
For reducing the non-equal pigmentation caused by the tanning you should spread the un-covered skin parts with sour milk or lemon juice.

Protective creams.
sun damage
The creams that are applied for skin protection from the unfavorable  atmospheric influence cools the skin off and protects it from the strong effect coming from the sunrays.