Sauce Made of Tomato and Yoghurt

500g  (17.5oz)  of tomatoes,
1 spoon of olive oil,
half a bulb of garlic cut in pieces,
190g (6.7oz) of fresh capsicum also cut in pieces,
150 ml (5 us fl oz) of oil-free yoghurt,
salt, pepper,
25 g (0.88oz) of cut olives,
225 g( 7.9oz) of cauliflower,
225 g (7.9oz) of broccoli,
125 g ((4.4oz) of carrots cut in lines.

First warm the oven on 200ºC = 392.00ºF, then stick the crust of the tomatoes with a fork and put them into pan for baking. Bake them for 40 minutes until they don’t get soft. Then leave them to get cold and cut them in halves. Take the intern part of them with a spoon and put it into plate.

Mix the tomato, the olive oil, the garlic and the red capsicum with a mixer, and add the yoghurt, the salt and the pepper. After this add the olives and put them into fridge for 30 minutes.

Broil the cauliflower and the broccoli and wash them in cold water. Serve the broiled vegetable and the raw carrot with the sauce.