Kidneys stone (calculus)

How to treat calculus that developed within the kidneys and causes severe pain?

First: The person who has the calculus should drink regular, clean water.

Second: drink a hot drink with seeds from tea tree and dill; drink it in the morning and evening, and in addition, drink more water.

Third: take three equal amounts of dry minced poplar seeds (cardamom), dried pumpkin seeds, dried seeds of cucumber, mix it all and take two grams in the morning and evening. In addition, it is good to take these seeds together with the juice of pomegranate.

Fourth: take laurel leaves and barley and dissolve them in clean water. Consuming this prepared drink will remove the calculus.

Fifth: take a certain amount of lupine (lupine Lupinus polipunus), rhubarb and anise, in equal parts, grind them and then put a teaspoon in a cup with boiling water. Take this three times a day.