Tumor – Adenoma

This is one type of a tumor, a benign one. The same can grow in the thyroid, prostate, then the adrenal glands, colon etc. There is a chance for the same to become malign and then they are called adenocarcinomas. The adenoma can grow into the lumen, which means adenomatous polyp or polypoid adenoma.  The same can be cured by horsetail Equisetim arvense which has a calming effect on any kind of tumour.
horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.)rastavic
Very helpful effect can be reached if you use the steam overlays made of horsetail Equisetim arvense. Take a bigger quantity of eyebright -eyeworth Euphrasia officinalis and put it into a colander. Hang the colander over the pot full of boiling water. Wait until the same gets soften and cooked in the steam. The horsetail Equisetim arvense, while still hot, needs to be wrapped in cotton clothing and overflow the spot where the tumour is located. The same horsetail  Equisetim arvense overlay can be used 3 to 4 times maximum.

Another positive effect can be reached by using the Sweden bitter overlay. You should lay for 4 hours at noon with a Sweden bitter overlay. First lubricate the afflicted spot with lard or marigold grease, then put a cotton wool wetted in Sweden bitter, then put a dry cotton wool for heat protection, at the end a plastic foil should be put, and on top of it a handkerchief by which all these things will be tied, and then tie the afflicted spot with the overlay. There is no particular problem for the ill person to sit down or perform his duties at home while wearing this overlay. The overlay should stay for 2 hours. If you want to avoid itching, then put a powder on the skin after taking the overlay off.

The third recommended thing that should be done in case of adenoma appears, is to use narrow-leafed or broad-leafed plantain and common hogweed Heracleum sphondylium. The first results are obvious 5 days after start using the herbs.