The Best 8 Medical Advice

The Best 8 Medical Advice
The first one: we can’t determine the food quantity for each person that should be eaten since people differ regarding their health, food consumption and the ability for food digestion.  When talking about the sorts of food, it is possible for the same to be determined since the same should have albumen, fats, starch, minerals, vitamins etc.

When talking about the albumen, we should know that they build the destroyed parts of the system and regenerate the spent one. They can be found in the meat, fish, milk, eggs and some other ingredients. The fats gives strength to the system, enabling it development, ability for work and mobility. We can find them in the cream, egg yolk, fish oil etc. the starch helps in keeping the body temperature. We can find it in the bread, flour, cookies, sugar, honey and juices. The system has the need for different types of minerals such as the iron, the calcium etc.

The vitamins are necessary, and their lack in the nutrition can bring us to appearance of many different diseases. We can find them in the raw fruits and vegetables.

The second one: when the time for eating comes and the person doesn’t feel any wish for food or the same has hardships in the area of the stomach, this person shouldn’t be eating.

The third one: during the take of the eating we should feel satisfaction in the chest and to have clear thoughts.

The fourth:  it is banned entering food on the food. It means that after the regular meal we shouldn’t be eating fruits until 2 hours haven’t passed after that meal.

The fifth: don’t take food between meals except it isn’t a word of fruit that is taken after passing 2 hours at least after the meal is taken.

The sixth one: taking a spoon of honey melted in water that is not cold. Drink honey, since it is confirmed that melting the honey in water brings us to the fact that the water, too, is takes the attributes of the honey from its melted ingredients.

The seventh one:  creating a habit of taking the spoon with an olive oil mixed with two drops of apple cider vinegar and water.

The eight one: those people who take care for their shape can replace the meal with a glass of milk and 7 pressed dates.