The Bullock/ bull is a symbol of some unintelligent worker, or in some cases inaccessible (well protected) person , or strength, or power or possession, or weapon (if there are horns). A symbol of insignificant, humble, poor and  deprived of human blessings and powers person (such as man dismissed from his position or some poor head) is bull with no horns.
The Bullock bull
The bull can also be a symbol of a slave, and they are connected by cultivating the soil. Since the bull is working hard on plowing the soil, if some man dreams a bull this is a sign of marriage.  The bull can also be a symbol of Bedouin or a plowman. In some cases the bull is a symbol of a revolutionary since both of them are turning the things upside down. Other signs of bull can be the symbol of helpmeet, or a slave, or brother or friend. In case a woman dreams gaining   bull, it means that her husband is going to subordinate, and if the same doesn’t have a husband then she’ll get married, or if she has two daughters, they’ll get married.

In case some person that has already got authority, and dreams such a dream, it means he’ll/ she’ll get success and achieving the thing he/ she wants. In case this person on top of all is riding the bull, the significance is even more intensified. In case you dream slaughtering a bull, he’ll kill some of the servants or some rebel-in case the dreamer is a monarch/ ruler. In case this is a dream of any ordinary person, then he’ll overpower a man or he’ll win over someone that he had been afraid of, or he’ll kill some person by its testifying against him. When someone dreams slaughtering an ox from the occiput /hind head, or from some other place unusual for slaughtering an ox, this person will inflict violence over some man, or he’ll manifest hostility, or he’ll deceive regarding the personality or the possession, or he’ll have an active homosexual relation, except his intention was eating the bull meat after slaughtering the animal, or using the fat/ suet, or tan the skin. In case this is the dream of a ruler/ monarch, he should be prepared of asking help from some people and order preempting some possession. In case this is a dream of a merchant, this person would open a shop or he’ll get profit in merchandise. In case the bull is fat, the actions are going to get profit, and if the opposite-the person will have a loss.
The Bullock  bull1
When dreaming riding a loaded bull, have in mind that you’ll get some good-but only if the bull is not with red color (since this is a sign of the dreamer’s son illness). Transforming a bull into a wolf in the dream is a symbol of turning a righteous/ equitable worker into a rapist/ tyrant. Dreaming a bull for administrator means a one year administration, and for a merchant-doing the commerce work for a year. In case you dreaming possessing many bulls, be ready to the fact that some officials and heads will subdue to you. In case you dream eating a bull’s head (except the same is not red colored), you’ll get the authority, wealth and happiness.  When someone dreams buying a bull, he’ll court his brother or some chosen people with a beautiful speech. If dreaming a white bull, be prepared for something good. Some people believe that when you dream you got stabbed with a bull horn, you’ve got really angry God who watches us from everywhere. On the other hand, opposite to this, some other people believe that this dream is a sign that God is going to gift good children to this person. And of dreaming bull roaring towards him, this is a sign that the dreamer is going to travel on a long journey.

You’ll have a dispute with any man in case you dream talking to a bull or the bull is talking to you. It is a sign of death when someone dreams that the bull had fallen on him. The same meaning goes for dreaming a slaughtered bull, and in case someone dreams that the bull had bitten him, he’ll suffer some lack.

When someone dreams that a big bull had come out of a small hole, and all the people are astonished by it, and then the same bull tries to get inside but with no success, this means some big and strong word had come out from some person and the same wished to get it back but in vain.

A dream with more than 40 bulls is a symbol of a war, and if the number is smaller, this is a symbol of some dispute.

Third meaning and interpretation of bull stabbing is that the dreamer will lose the authority-if it refers to an administrator, he’ll be replaced from the position, and if this is a dream of someone else with some authority-his clerk is going to remove him from the position. Dreaming bull skin is a symbol of bless of the owner.