The ginger tea

The ginger tea1
No matter whether you prepare this tea from fresh or smoked ginger, the tea is very healthy for the human system. We should know that the same can be combined with lemon and honey. If the ginger is in a form of powder, then you need to put ½ spoon and then overflow it with 150 ml of very hot water. If the ginger is fresh, then you cut it in small slices and get it boiled/seethed.

Ginger dishes

Here we must say that they are mostly used in the cuisines of the Eastern parts of the world. The fresh ginger can be combined with fried food, soups, grains/cereals, vegetable, sea food, sweets or bread-because it has chilly taste. The dry ginger gets along with soups, calcareous dishes with or without meat.


Ginger 2
Here we should know that the ginger can be combined with garlic, cilantro/coriander, onion, potatoes, caraway, mustard as well as curry ingredients that can be added in different sorts of food.

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