The honey has a very strong impact on different types of liver diseases- even when we talk about cases when the honey is used pure, without any additives or some of the common medicines which are used for such types of diseases. The regular honey consummation referring to taking the honey every day literally successfully heals the patients who have identified certain acute liver or gallbladder illness.

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The honey has a strong effect on the heart and increases the low blood pressure.  When talking about honey influence on healing ocular/ eye diseases,  the honey has a beneficial effect on eyelid inflammation, conjunctiva, and cornea. A special balm (cream) in which 3% of sulfur glycerin is added can be made from the honey, and the same is used for healing some very severe and painful wounds of the cornea, and the results are more than excellent. In many cases the inflammation and damage of the cornea can be healed  by using the honey without any additives, and the results are marvelous.

When discussing about the nerves, we are familiar that honey bee when melted down in mild water represent the best medicine for the nervous system diseases.  When the patient follows these advises and directions, the headaches and insomnia disappear in no time, the illnesses become much bearable and the patient resistance is also increased. The honey is considered one of the best agents for sleeping with many of us. It should be used by anyone who can’t fall asleep at the beginning of the night or wakes up during the sleeping and then can’t fall asleep again. The patient should take one small spoon of honey during the dinner in such cases.