Keeping Mommy Sane

Keeping Mommy Sane2
Life as a new mum is a challenge in itself without trying to figure out a way to regain your figure and waistline. Celebrity mums have it all: they can afford a nanny to take care of the little ones, plus a full-time cook to prepare healthy, calorie controlled meals. The rest of us don’t stand a chance really. Meals with a new baby invariably involve shovelling down a few fish fingers and biscuits in between feeds, nappy changes and much-needed sleep.

So how can you get back into some kind of exercise routine with a baby or toddler demanding your undivided attention 24/7?

It isn’t easy to get back into any kind of exercise routine when you become a mum. Long gone are the leisurely hours spent at the gym with friends or long bike rides at the weekend. Suddenly your day is not your own and you have someone else to think about. But it is possible to start exercising and regaining fitness with a baby or toddler in tow. It will certainly take a bit of organisation and flexibility, but you can do it and, most importantly, it could just be what you need to maintain a bit of sanity.

Am I OK to Exercise?

Keeping Mommy Sane1
Always take advice from your health visitor or doctor before embarking on an exercise programme after having a baby. If you were fit before the birth, you should be ok to start exercising gently as soon as you have recovered from the rigors of giving birth, but if you had a traumatic birth or you have never exercised in your life, don’t pull your trainers on without making sure you are fit and well.

Exercise Options for Mums

    • Fitness DVDs – Buy a few fitness DVDs and kickstart your fitness regime at home. This is a good way to fit exercise around a new baby as you can do twenty minutes here and there whenever you feel up to it. This method does require motivation, though, so it won’t be for everyone.
    • Take baby jogging – If you enjoy running, buy a one-handed pushchair and take your baby out jogging with you. You can both enjoy some fresh air and if you are lucky, baby will go to sleep and stay asleep when you get home again.
  • Exercise classes – Fitness classes such as those offered by are great for mums. Group exercise is much more motivational than exercising alone and you can use the opportunity to meet other mums in the local area. And if childcare is a problem, look for a gym or leisure centre with an on-site crèche.
  • Hire a personal trainer – Not one for those with no disposable income, but if you need an extra dose of motivation and you want to achieve your weight loss/fitness targets fast, a weekly session with a personal trainer will be a good option.

Exercise is not only good for your waistline – following an exercise program will help you to shed the exercise weight you gained during pregnancy – it is also good for your mental health. So what are you waiting for?