Stroke. Appears suddenly, usually without notice, and by the consequences can be devastating.

Neurosurgeons say that if within three hours reach the victims of stroke – the consequences of an attack can be eliminated. It is important to recognize the time and determine stroke and start treatment in the first 3 hours, which is definitely not easy.


There are four steps to identify stroke:

- Ask the person to smile (it can not do it)

- Ask to say a simple sentence (for example: “Today is a good weather”)

- Ask to raise both hands (can not raise or only partially)

- Ask to show the language (if the language is distorted – it is also a sign of a stroke)

Any of these symptoms is a distress signal; if you notice any of them, immediately call an ambulance and describe the symptoms that the person has. Never mind even if you are called panic, even if the person himself complains that is nothing (if it suffered a stroke, it would hardly know how to realistically assess its situation) – such an invitation to be able to save a life.

One cardiologist said that the sending of this message to at least a dozen address will be sure that someone’s life – may be even and your`s will be saved. We are sending so much “garbage” every day, so maybe its worth sometimes to do something useful and necessary.

So share this message to be sure that someone will be saved.