Pain in the joints

In the human body there are numerous depots of protein. They are very important, but some people do not pay enough attention to it until it leads to the emergence of joint pain and deterioration, and until the drug is no longer effective. Which medicines are effective and can be used for easing or even completely eliminating the joint pain?

First: rest is the best medicine and the first thing that treats the pain the joints.

Second: when a swelling occurs, pain should be mitigated by using ice or warm compresses. If a person feels cold, will use warm compresses and if he feels hot, then the person should use ice. The treatments with hot or cold alternately, practice it for ten minutes.

Third: take some anti-inflammatory medications, even without a doctor’s prescription, even when we do not feel their effect. It is advisable to use aspirin, which has a long-term and preventive effect on our blood, and you may not take it frequently.

Fourth: alleviate the pain by taking caraway oil. It usually reduces the intensity of pain for four to five days, although this period may be slightly longer. When the severity of pain decreases, use a different drug. In this phase it is necessary to use warm compresses instead of ice and be active instead of resting (inactivity).
caraway oil