Don’t Get Angry!

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The human system is changing under the influence of the psychological factors such as the anger, the joy, the worry, the sadness or the scare. When talking about the anger, we must know that it has harmful impact on our body, making it weak.

,( Ibn-Sīnā  Persian writter ) has banned it. Some person has come to Avicenna and told him: “Give me some health advice!” “Don’t get angry!” – answered  Avicenna.

The mental shape of the person, such as the anger, the sadness or the worry is, can be evident both on the exterior appearance and on the person’s behavior.

All this brings us to the condition of high blood pressure, which can have serious consequences such as twinge in the chest or cardiac arrhythmia is. The anger might also have a negative effect on people with diabetes. The mental shape is also leading us to weakening of the immune system, and the person becomes subject of different sorts of diseases. The person who gets angry easily or the same has bad character, the same must have inner control in order not to let the anger prevail and to do something under its impact.

When talking about the joy, we must know that it makes the soul strong and brings us warmth, and when there is too much of it then we get to the point of killing the soul and we become arrogant. This can be mentioned on several places and we can hear someone says that certain person has died of too much joy or arrogance.

The worry and the grief happen to us every single day, right? If you get the grief increased, your body is automatically weaker.” • When someone is concerned about something, the same is also hoping that the same will pass.

For some reason the grief in best cases really passes pretty quickly.