Spa Treatments

spa treatments
Health spas are appearing on every high street, and resort spas are being built all over the countryside; but what is their real use? It seems that most people visit a spa in order to be pampered for a day or to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with friends, but if you removed the social aspect of a visit to a spa would they be as popular? More importantly, is there any reason to visit a spa at all? Here are some of the reasons that you may never need to visit a spa again… apart from to socialize of course.

Hot Tub

At the centre of any spa should be a hot tub of some sort; after all, the word originates from “salus per aquam” or “health from water”, but do you need to visit a high street spa to benefit from a hot tub? After all it is not as though high street spa water contains magical properties,and a home bath can supply you with enough soothing hot water to relax in, whilethe availability of built in water jets means that even hydrotherapy can be emulated at home. We all know that water has therapeutic uses, but many of the therapies in a high street spa are possible in your home. Combining a long soak in a bath fitted with water jets, listening to relaxing music, and enjoying some exotic fragrances, can be just as beneficial as a trip into town.

Home Massage


Another favourite treatment of the modern spa is a massage, but is this something that you have to leave your home to do? Obviously, the answer is no.If you look in any phone directory, or search the internet, you will find licensed massage professionals who will visit you at home and give you any type of massage you desire. In fact, if you require a specialist massage, itmay be better to hire a specialist. A professional masseur will visit you at home with his portable massage table from, and his bag of tricks, anduse his skills in your home as well as any spa masseur.


The whole area of the body detox is under consideration, but this does not stop most spas from offering some sort of detox programmeas part of their other services. The benefits they extol will include weight loss, toxin flushes, clean body experiences; and purification of pollutants; however, the benefits of any of these procedures are in serious doubt. If you do want to undergo a detox programme, you can easily detox at home by simply using herbs that detox your body; and by doing so, you can also drastically reduce the cost of the process.

There are many other spa treatments, and most can easily be done at your home for a fraction of the cost, but the truth is that most people could work out at home, or go running at home on a treadmill, but they continue to join gyms and running clubs. Looking after your health is now a social activity; and though visiting a spa is often unnecessary, people will continue to do so to be pampered and treated along with their friends.