Integrated Strength: The Right Tool at the Right Time for the Right Person


If you do not have the right tool for the job at hand, you might well not be able to complete what you had started. You can use a sword to cut a branch of your rose plant but will you? Isn’t it the sickle that you want? Even a make-believe doctor in the kid next-door will have something akin to stethoscope around his neck.

If you can extend the theory further to include humans as tools, you have a wide open field.  Someone can turn himself into a tool but a trainer cannot very well think of himself as a “body weight guy”. This thought may entail the proposition that he is a hired help with only the Result” as goal.  All the problems you have cannot be solved with a kettle bell, bar, or push-ups.

Moreover, all your clients would not want to do the same thing over and over again. The notion that you can make do with the same tools in the case of every user is completely wrong.  There is no one-size-fits-all here. Here are certain points that you can keep in mind while building workouts:

  • People who have had wrist or hand injuries and cannot be in positions for barbell front squat, jerk, or push press, need to work with kettle bells.

  • Barbells help to increase overall strength most quickly. Kettle bells are used for deciding the pattern of the dead lift, and the people are then put onto the bar immediately. This procedure sure skyrockets their strength.

  • Lifts are always better when they are simple. Olympic lifting might look sexy but most people do not possess the coordination and mobility for it. Here too, kettle bells can come in handy. A single kettle bell can make you learn how to snatch or clean in an extremely easy and quick manner. Here the question may arise that effective such low loads can be, but considering the poor posture of most people, a single kettle bell only makes them more used to trained movements and attain proper timings.

  • All of them do not make it work faster. Speed gains are very less till strength level exceeds the beginner standards for double-weight. Therefore, developing raw strength is a better way of spending your time at first. It becomes a part of your survival gear.

  • Each main squat, namely double kettle bell, goblet, front squat, overhead squat and back squat, might differ a little in positions, but in essence it is the same. They can be adjusted according to the problems you face; nevertheless, it will still remain a squat pattern. Generally, all people need to do at most times is just squat, so it doesn’t matter much what type of squat is being used during training.

  • Body weight workouts generally take hours to master.  Even a single movement is not easy to come to terms with. When a variation is being held for a few seconds only, the volume is still needed to build the strength.

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Jenny Corteza is an online marketing consultant and a branding expert. Her experience spans over a decade and is motivated by inquisitiveness for everything big or small. Most of her skills are self taught and have been honed for excelling at her daily work.