Hair loss

Calamus. Take 2 spoons of milled Calamus root and the same quantity of thistle, parboil it with 1,5 liter of water, cook it for 20 minutes. Filter if 6 hours later. Rub the tea in the head skin for hair strengthening if the same falls.

For a thin hair that falls out rub a mixture of equal parts from cabbage juice, lemon and spinach in the head skin.

A mixture of washing dry hair that falls out. In order to get this mixture you should  take 1 yolk, 1 spoon of lemon juice, 1 spoon of olive leaves oil and half a glass of hot water.

Dandelion. In order for the cease hair fall of the dry hair you need to wash it out with a dandelion tea (1 spoon of the herb cut in slices parboil with a glass of hot  water).
Plantain. If you want to stop the hair fall of the dry hair you should wash it out with fresh plantain leaves cut into small pieces (1 spoon on a glass of hot water).
Sage. For washing out the hair you should make sage tea by taking 2 spoons of sage leaves cut into small slices and overflow them with 2 glasses of hot water, leave it till it gets cold and then filter it.