The pleura Inflammation, The Lung Tissue

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The pleurisy should be treated by taking the leaves of the Indian aloe oil.

There are two types of pleurisy: true and false.
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The true one is a very hard inflammation of the membrane that is inside of the chest wall, surrounding the lungs, and causing the pleura swelling. Very often the same is accompanied by fluid secretion in the chest cavity, while the false pleura which is also specific because of difficult breathing along with pleura pain, even though prevents the swelling caused by severe decay of harmful gases between the membrane about the side, ad its pain might be replaced with the pain of the pleura or swelling the inside part of the pleura (diaphragmitis).

The difference between these two sorts or pain is really that one, telling us that at the false pleurisy the pain is sometimes constant, and as the true one is referred the pain comes unexpected, fierce, sharp and accompanied by fever. This pain as an inflammation attacks the membranous part, the ribs, the chest muscles and the surrounding lung. There are many undetermined symptoms of the pleura pains, and many times, while vast part of them is mistakenly called pleurisy.

This is the reason why certain doctors or scientists in this field recommend for the people who have pains in the ribs should make the treatment by taking a hot bath. The other group of doctors have diagnosed the pleurisy as any other complication caused by the imbalance of the body secretions accompanied or not with rib inflammation, high temperature, red face, pain and sweating. The symptoms of the right pleurisy are high temperature, cough, difficult asthmatic condition, the pulse irregularity and breathing hardships.

Therefore a lot of the recommendations here refer to the false pleurisy, caused by the chest closure.

This is when the patient should put the crust of the aloe tree grinded into a powder and mixed with a mild vegetable oil on the side. Such a mixture might also be taken orally in order to help the throwing out of the backlog clogged gas and to balance the intestine.

The aloe tree has a high constipation effect. This attribute will also help in the regulation of the intestine functioning opening the hatches and cutting out the clogged harmful gases, stopping the moisture penetration. It is also said that the aloe tree is useful for the brain and it might bring easy recovery to the sick person who has a true pleurisy, caused by the mucus imbalance, especially when the symptoms are weak.