Inside Secrets of Face Skin Care

The care of the facial skin is needed since it is constantly exposed to dryness and the effects of the sun, wind, central heating.  This lack of moisture can be compensated by putting moisture cream and lotion that are adequate for the type of the skin. Most of the women think they know what type of skin they have. Nevertheless they can be mistaken since the use of cleansing, and moisturizing cream can have different effect on the skin. The skin structure is basically the same among all the people. The difference lies in the fact of how intense the glands secrete fat and to which parts of the face they are mostly active. The type of the skin is modifying as time goes by but the same can be kept in good condition for a long time with the right care. If you want to classify the type of the skin, first you must closely clean it, clean all the make-up and without using moisture cream. The skin needs to rest for several hours without make-up. Afterwards it should be looked upon in daylight with regular-sized or bigger mirror.

 Do You Have Greasy Skin?

The greasy skin is fat, solid and mostly white since the vessels are more deeply disposed. At the surface the pores are visible (the outer-channels of the glands) the skin fat secreted by the glands is mixed with the sweat and makes humid lipid film. This film protects the skin from dryness and the bad effect of the environment (temperature, cold, ultra-violet effects..) the fat skin is stronger than the dry skin and as time goes by there are wrinkles. Nevertheless the dust and the filth are falling on the skin and the mix up with the fat. They often stuff the glands and black spots come up. If there is lack of inadequate skin care a lot of acnes can be made too. In that case the water is extremely useful and it is the perfect way of  cleaning by special watering cream or by any kind of soap. The extremely fat skin needs no hydration,  and when the skin is a little fat then the hydration is needed from time to time, especially in the regions where the there is dry climate. A phenomenon of dry skin part such as lips, neck or the zygomatic, can appear too. The forehead needs hydration cream care more often.