The following receipt that is recommended refers most of all to the people with weaken system, the immune system, recovering after some difficult illness, recovering after some operation or hospitalization. This mass is also good and recommended for people with low appetite and people who have some chest inflammation.  The mass is also recommended for children that need strength, , development and strengthening of the system, growth and appetite.

On the other hand it is also recommended to people despite the disease they have, for which they will be witnesses of the quick recovery just a several weeks later on after using it. Namely, several weeks later on there will come to gradual energy strengthening, as well as system strengthening and losing the symptoms such as constant tiredness and sleepiness as well as lack of strength.

The ingredients that are needed for this cure are:

50 g of mashed walnuts,

50 g of mashed  almonds,

50 g of mashed grapes,

50 g of mashed hazelnut,

50 g of grinded horseradish,

500 g of honey and

1 whole bigger lemon with a crust.


All the ingredients should be grinded and then mixed into a bigger glass jar.  Then stir it all well (it will not be so smooth since the mass is pretty thick) and then put it in the fridge. It is needed to eat per 2 soup spoons divided in at least 2 doses every single day. The best time of the day is to be consumed per one spoon in the morning and in the evening, at least an hour before the meal. When you spend the entire amount, then make another doses and consume it. The treatment is consisted of 2 doses at least. You can also make double doses at once but then it would be harder for you to store it, stir it and use it, thus we recommend the above mentioned procedure. You can continue using the mass after spending the recommended amount.

The hazelnut is enriched of the vitamins E and F, as well as the microelements of zink, iodine and chromium. The microelements are even more important compared to the vitamins, and the same are very often scarce in the everyday nutrition.

The walnuts sooth the lack of the modern nutrition since they are even 4 times more nutritive compared to the meat. They have anti-oxidant, qualitative fat acid, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zink, manganese, selenium and the vitamins A, B, C, E and K.

The horseradish is very good human system cleaner, the same accelerates the metabolism, eliminates the flue, strengthens the entire human system and it is enriched with the vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. At the same time it is an excellent antibiotic that raises the level of the body endurance, makes easier the digestion process, stimulates the circulation and the heart functioning, stimulating the liver functioning as well-which means it is  nice diuretic.

Regarding the almonds, they are the best source of the vitamin E which is a strong anti-oxidant and the same protects us from malignity diseases. It is especially recommended for people who have additional efforts and get tired, the same sooths the muscle inflammation and the same supplies the needed energy for the body. The almond also has the vitamin B complex inside, calcium, and magnesium which are so much important for the brain, muscles and the general body condition of the individual.

We are all aware of the importance and the significance of the honey in the nutrition and how much healthy the same is. Despite this, many people often forget to consume it regularly even though they know about its therapeutic effects. Mixed in this mass, the same will makes you easier the habit  of its everyday use.

The microelements that can be found in significant amounts in all of the mentioned substances of the receipt (and that we don’t enter in our body often) are essential, which means that they are necessary and nutritive for the human life. Separately and all together they act so powerful and positive on many body functions of the human system. They help in the reproduction, immunity, growth, development and regeneration of different tissues of our body and the same can be felt by general energy strengthening, power, will and ability of our system.

We must say one mention here. Namely, the rancid nuts products are very harmful since they have a dangerous poison that is being sedimented in the liver, thus be very careful when you pick them up. Remember: they must be fresh and correct.

In case you are not sure the lemon is an organic one, damp it in the water with a spoon of baking soda and keep it like that for 30 minutes. In case you are allergic to some of the listed ingredients, you are free to eliminate it from the receipt.